The Sunnyboy

Directed by Kaye Harrison
Produced by Tom Zubrycki
JOTZ Productions

I’ve been very fortunate to music supervise a special documentary that is close to my heart. THE SUNNYBOY is about Jeremy Oxley and his ability to have survived 30 years of living with schizophrenia; and the courage and strength he mustered to return to the stage in April last year. The documentary is told largely from Jeremy’s own perspective, offering an intimate and enlightening exploration of a much misunderstood and stigmatised condition. THE SUNNYBOY is a story of hope, a celebration of survival and the healing power of unconditional love. It truly is an amazing journey! This is not a rock & roll documentary as the subject matter is centred on Jeremy’s journey and his mental illness.
The producer, Tom Zubrycki and director, Kaye Harrison have devoted a great deal of time and energy on THE SUNNYBOY documentary. And of course, it features a great deal of classic Sunnyboys songs.

Mental illness is one of the biggest challenges facing modern Australia and it is one that continues to be poorly understood. One out of every five Australians will experience some form of mental illness each year. Three out of every ten will be seriously affected.