Gary was a dream collaborator with us on Colin From Accounts. As Music Supervisor, he understood the tone we were after, and he went above and beyond to find & secure the music we wanted for the show. Always available, a great communicator, and an unfailingly cheerful & uplifting energy to have around. If he were an Uber driver — which we really doubt he’d need to fall back on at this stage — it’d be 5 stars from us.


Helen Leake film producer

‘Gary provided excellent service and valuable advice regarding alternative tracks when the initial selection was not in our price range.  The director ultimately preferred Gary’s leads so Gary’s experience and knowledge helps the bottom line’

HELEN LEAKE | film producer

Christopher Weekes / Director / Christmas On The Farm

“With an almost impossible schedule and extremely tight budget, Gary was on the ground floor with me from day one to delivery.  His immense skills in both the business and creative side of all things music were invaluable, even from the early scripting stages.  Juggling both storytelling hats, and industry expertise, Gary was always calm and quick to pivot when needed, and I can wholeheartedly say his genius was absolutely invaluable on our production on CHRISTMAS ON THE FARM.”

Christopher Weekes / Director / Christmas On The Farm

Brad Hall

“Gary Seeger was tremendously helpful in leading us through the maze of publishing and performance rights to a classic song we wanted to use for the University’s 60th anniversary celebrations. Thanks to his considerable negotiating skills we secured a very good deal for our less-than-blockbuster budget. A terrific resource.”

Brad Hall, Senior Online Producer, University of New South Wales


“I wanted to let you know that the film sounded brilliant at the Toronto Film Festival screenings. We played in huge theatres and auditoriums. The audiences laughed, cried and sung through screenings, and there were standing ovations. It was a real pleasure to witness the film reach an audience so strongly and this is due in no small part to all your incredible work.”

Rosemary Blight / Goalpost Pictures / Producer / I Am Woman

“We have used Trackdown several times for our shows and have been really impressed with Gary’s friendly manner and professionalism.  He found exactly what we needed quick smart and was able to negotiate the costs for us, which is a massive plus. We highly recommend his services!!”

Olivia Lewis | Guessworks TV

“Looking forward to watching the film with you and an audience in Australia. Thank you for all your wonderful work on our film”.

Unjoo Moon / Director / I Am Woman

“Thank you Gary for the great work on Harrow Season 2. What a joy it was collaborating with you on our licensed music for our production. You met the creative briefs beautifully and nailed what we were looking for when asked for song options for various episodes – slammed it out the part creatively and also on the licensing side for fee negotiations, meeting of timelines and deadlines. Can’t wait to work with you on Harrow Season 3 and future Hoodlum projects.”

Livia Hanich / Post Producer / Hoodlum Productions

“Look forward to working with you down the track. Again thx for all your work over the years. RAKE has been special.”

Ian Collie / Producer / Easy Tiger

“It was a blast! Shame it’s over”

Richard Roxburgh / Rake

“Gary and Trackdown were great! We had so many songs with complex publishing and rights, and Gary cut through all the problems and just made it happen. When you’re investing so much time and energy in a film, it’s great to have someone who isn’t just professional, but is also enthusiastic! He knows the difficulties and flexibility that you need as a filmmaker, and that really made a huge difference!”

Jonathan Sequeira / Director of Descent Into The Maelstrom

“Gary has been truly amazing as a music supervisor tracking down record companies and music publishers, and getting good deals on songs that I was expecting would be too difficult and too expensive to clear. His persistence and tenacity in getting this done right was something I really admired. He’s got impeccable connections and I felt I was in really safe hands. He’s done a brilliant job”.

Tom Zubrycki / Producer of Hope Road

“If it’s possible, Gary Seeger will find away. This man worked round the clock to eke the most out of our paltry music budget. Among his many achievements, he managed to track down all the rights to an incredible Ramones song whose ownership had been divided and redivided among companies and relatives of the deceased band members. Thank you!”

Chris Peckover / Director of Safe Neighborhood

“Now that the dust has settled – I wanted to say a quick thank you very much for all your efforts on STRANDED. Tight time-frame, very complex licensing situations, music from the US, UK and Australia – all done with a smile and attention to detail, responsiveness and courtesy of a true professional. Would not have happened without you”

Serge Ou / Executive Producer / WildBear Entertainment

“Gary, Thank you for all your work with series 3 of A PLACE TO CALL HOME. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I hope we can do it all again one day.”

Chris Martin-Jones / Series Producer / Network Seven

“Gary is an exceptional music supervisor and such a pleasure to work with. Our documentary Wide Open Sky is all about the power of music, so it was important that the music in our film backed us up! We needed a music supervisor who really knew his stuff. Gary’s knowledge is extremely comprehensive and his suggestions were always spot on. Well into post an expensive, tricky, licensing pickle arose. Gary resolved it with lightning speed. Despite involving composers, singers and musicians, Gary’s solution was not only a perfect fit, but it also saved us money. I hope I get the opportunity to work with Gary again.

Lisa Nicol / Co-producer / Director Wide Open Sky

Please Like Me Series Two was the first opportunity we’ve had to work with Gary Seeger. There’s nothing about him and his dependable service that hasn’t already been said in testimonials before, except this – thank you Gary, we’ll be calling you for Series Three.”

Lisa Wang, Line Producer of PLM

“To our excellent music supervisor, you’ve done a stellar job throughout with us on the music in the movie.”

Greg McLean, Director of Wolf Creek 2

“On the telefilm CARLOTTA not only did Gary understand and follow the brief, but he also came up with tracks and ideas that enriched what we were trying to achieve. They were great ideas and they are in the movie. Gary provided a blend of the creative and practical with his knowledge of music – the publishers and the practical requirements of contracting being all you need from a music supervisor. A nice guy too!”

Riccardo Pellizzeri, Producer of Carlotta

“Gary is an absolute delight to work with. He understands the demands of the film/TV industry and the nuances of good story-telling, and made the complex world of music clearances an absolute breeze for us. It was a pleasure to work with Gary, and we look forward to future collaborations.”

Seema Khanna & Jennifer Cummins Heiress Films

“Your assistance has been invaluable!”

Naomi Just, Producer of Life At 9

“Working with Gary on Serangoon Road was a pleasure. Music Supervision for a show set in the mid 1960’s (Motown and all that) can be great fun. It is also “challenging” when faced with tight Budget and Time restrictions and partners who have firm opinions about the music they want. Gary handled all the demands and constraints with grace, good humour and creativity. He pulled together the source music that was so essential to the times and did so on budget and on time. The soundtrack (and Budget) for the series benefited enormously from his expertise and professionalism. I look forward to working with him again and recommend him highly.”

Paul Barron, Producer of Serangoon Road

That’s pretty much a wrap for season 3. It is always such a pleasure and joy working with you.  Thank you again for all your work – counting on doing it again in 2021!

Livia Hanich / Hoodlum Producer

“Thank you Gary, there was a great sense of satisfaction looking at the credit roller with all the music track details in place. It has been a real pleasure working with you on WOLF CREEK 2, you established a great rapport with Greg (the director), provided lots of potential choices and nothing much fazes you.”

Helen Leake, Producer of WC2

“Gary Seeger was a wonderful asset to THE LANDING. Not only did he offer us his incredible expertise and work tirelessly to secure the music we desperately wanted for our film, he was alos able to negotiate the terms we needed within our tight budget restrictions. We look forward to working with Gary on our future projects”

Jade Van der Lei, Perception Pictures

“For The Sunnyboy I needed someone’s help to clear the music. There were over 33 tracks! I wanted someone who had a personal and on-going relationship with publishers, agents and record companies, and especially someone who could barter a good deal within our small budget. I came across Gary Seeger. He was my saviour. He saved me money, time and (above all) worry. I was really impressed just how quickly it all came together. I cannot rocommend him highly enough”

Tom Zubrycki, Producer of The Sunnyboy

“Goalpost Pictures Australia is the Production Company of Wayne Blair’s debut feature film, THE SAPPHIRES, released through Hopscotch Films Australia and major territories. It is not an easy task securing the music publishing rights for classic soul tracks such as those that are in THE SAPPHIRES, and it was an even harder task a year ago when we had a completely unknown Australian film. Gary Seeger worked tirelessly to bring record companies and music publishers from all over the world to the table and did so with a real commitment and understanding of director Wayne Blair’s vision for the film. To have record companies and music publishers believe in the film and Wayne’s vision has made an enormous difference to the end product. We could not have done this film without Gary.”

Ben Grant, Executive Producer, The Sapphires

“Gary Seeger has been our music supervisor for several of my titles in recent years. I recommend him highly for many reasons. One, his inherent understanding of how the music industry works, second his work ethic and speediness contacting and clearing music rights. Additionally, adapting to last minute changes due to film edits is crucial and Gary has cleared our soundtracks 100% on deadline. In my 15 years in the surf film industry, he has been the only music supervisor that has delivered such professionalism and proficiency. Please feel free to contact me should you have further questions.”

Taylor Steele, Surf guru/Film Producer, Innersection

“It was great to have Gary Seeger on board as Music Supervisor for Panic At Rock Island. Gary researched tracks for the production, corresponded with the artists, labels and publishers; and dealt with our New Zealand partners. Apart from the normal music supervision services, on the day of the concert shoot, Gary was there to make sure all the artists were in good spirits and even carried out some taxi servicing!”

Rosemary Blight, Goalpost Pictures


“Gary Seeger has worked with me on two ABC programs RAKE and THE MAKING OF MODERN AUSTRALIA. He is always prompt in chasing up music clearances and I’ve been impressed with the reasonable licence fees he has been able to negotiate, even on well-known music hits. Gary is also good on suggesting appropriate music for certain scenes, and always does it with great cheer and enthusiasm.”

Ian Collie Producer, Essential Media & Entertainment

“Gary Seeger proved himself on The Strip series and we appreciated all his hard work on the production.”

Jo Horsburgh, Head of Drama, Nine Network

“Gary Seeger did a fantastic job supervising the music for our film, ‘Emerald Falls’. Gary understood exactly what tone we wanted the music to convey and worked hard to source the appropriate music – both Indy bands and hard-to-track down overseas artists. His advice through the process was invaluable and we look forward to working together again.”

Cathy Strickland, Producer/Writer

“Gary Seeger did a terrific job negotiating the music clearances for THE STRIP, as well as suggesting music he felt appropriate after reading the scripts. Kris Wyld and I look forward to working with him more in the future and apply our experience on THE STRIP to developing a true sound and music design concept with our composer for future shows.”

Steve Knapman, Executive Producer, The Strip & East West 101

“It was a pleasure working with Gary Seeger, very much appreciating his professionalism and help throughout the whole process.”

Steve Jacobs, Director, Disgrace

“Gary Seeger was a great help with clearing two classic songs for the film ‘The View From Greenhaven’. We had very little money and not much time so the negotiation was tough. Gary had the contacts and experience to get the job done.”

Martin Brown, Producer, Moulin Rouge