Stranded – A Punk Doco

Directed by Serge Ou

When I heard that a film was being made on the punk scene in Brisbane, my ears pricked up – I wanted the job because of my interests in the punk scene that ignited in 1976. It wasn’t around long, but it left an incredible mark that revolutionised the world of music. I had a phone call from the producer and within a couple of days I met Andy Nehl, the director. Like the DIY attitude of punk music and its artists, the film is self-financed. It’s not just a punk film about The Saints, Go-Betweens and Riptides. The film explores the social and political times of Brisbane in the ’70s under the repressive and infamous Joh Bjelke-Petersen regime. But it was the music for a generation of kids that gave them hope and perhaps they too could pick up a guitar and play a 3 chord song! I’m loving delving into my punk collection and researching on the internet footage from The Saints live shows to UK bands like The Damned playing in Brighton in ’77. It’s bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistols and Brisbane’s own The Saints that changed the face of music.