Directed by Taylor Steele

Well, we did it! 20 songs all cleared within a couple of months for the innovative surf movie, INNERSECTION. It was a pleasure working with surfing filmmaker Taylor Steele (creator of nearly 20 previous titles and named by Surfer Magazine among the sports 10 most influential people) and Nathan Myers, Sybil Steele and the crew.

Surfers and filmmakers create their own 2-3 minute action profile film and compete in an online forum to see which sections should be re-created for the final DVD release. Four rounds run throughout the year, and five sections from each round go on to become part of the final release on DVD.

It’s challenging and fast-paced searching down songs from around the world and finding the right labels and publishers. And there’s some damn cool hardcore punk material coming through – a good wake-up call to start your Monday morning!